my new sketchbook isn’t that great at holding onto paper (it’s kinda its only job but whatever) so i thought i’d scan in the pages that fell out and post them so you can see i do do stuff (heh, doo doo…) that last page i drew at the dreamworks exhibition that’s currently on, looked at spirit for horsie refs, i’m terrible at drawing horsies.


remember when everyone was complaining about ‘blonde bond’?


lady underground…


lady in a river…


some bond fanart, skyfall is my favourite film in the recent bond series, although i’ll admit, the film never really knows when to end…


dino shaming…



While discussing the internet…

A true sage of our times…

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Anonymous said: Do you feel like with your newer cartoons you've betrayed some of your old ideals from the WGJ4K days?


Not at all. I’m proud of all my cartoons and I stand by every one. What makes an idea good or bad isn’t the idea itself, but rather, the execution. That’s why I was comfortable making and releasing a Super Mario parody even though there are thousands already out there and most of them are derivative; because I had faith in the execution. 

Also, WGJ4K was less about something as serious as “ideals” and more about just goofy pop-cultural observations. Hope all this makes sense and doesn’t sound too pretentious. 

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These GIFs are taken from the latest episode of Bravest Warriors, "Dan Before Time"

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Whenever I play Watch_Dogs…

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awwwww hell no!

5000 yen must have gotten you more back then, i wouldn’t find your missing sock for 5k¥ today.

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